The Worldly Philosopher’s Room

the Bus tour point, 2011
the Bus tour point, “The Worldly Philosopher’s Room”, 2011

Exhibition Dates

20th August to 2th October, 2011

The empty villa I saw in the town ,and then

One of the economists lived in villa. After he is no longer stay, people of memories was instead it was a philosopher’s villa. While I do not know anything, look for everyone’s memory of philosopher’s room.
Vague memory of people, they do not notice the thought that was hidden in the daily-life. This tour has a memory that has been hidden. It does not go to the villa on this tour. There are many mechanisms that people do not care. It is a art work to slip a vague memory.

Audience circulates the city by bus tour, Where work can experience , Bus tour of departure and arrival point / In the bus / Forest road / Lingshan of foot / Iin stairs / Square.
The Video was edited to 25 minutes, the bus tour took 7 hours.

Tour guide
Tour guide, “The Worldly Philosopher’s Room”, 2011
NAKANOJO junior high school brass band
NAKANOJO junior high school brass band, “The Worldly Philosopher’s Room”, 2011
Forest road
Forest road, “The Worldly Philosopher’s Room”, 2011
Course map of the bus tour
Course map of the bus tour, “The Worldly Philosopher’s Room”, 2011


Planning and organization ,photography ,Narration ,Cast : Yumi Song
Configuration auxiliary ,composer ,piano : Matsushima Toshiya
Editing ,photography auxiliary : West Hawk AD Nishiyan
Shooting ,directing guidance : Toyama Shoji

Tour Guide : Shiiba Shunichi
Tour announcement : Kazuyuki Miyamoto
Tour bus cooperation : Kanetsu Transportation Co., Ltd. Rose Queen Transportation Co., Ltd.

Marching Band: NAKANOJO junior high school brass band
Violin : Noriko Matsushima

Cooperation:Okayasu Kenichi, Nonaka Katsuki ( Love Letter project ), Katsuki Hanjo (Takeyama-jo project ), Customers of bus tours, Everyone of Nakanojo

NAKANOJO Biennial Director : Yamashige Tetsuo
NAKANOJO Biennale 2011 participation work

哲学者の部屋 – The Worldly Philosopher's Room – from yumisong on Vimeo.