Fujinoyama Biennale 2014 Traveling Theory

view from Yui district
View from Yui district

Traveling Theory held at one of the main planning of Fujinoyama Biennale, in Yui district, Takaoka district, Fujihoncho district, Fujikawa district.

Exhibition Dates

7th November to 30th November, 2014

Featuring artists

Ryouhei Usui, Yuji Shimono, Nagisa Hirakawa, Takahiro Ueda, Atsushi Fukunaga, Ichiro Endo, FUKASAWA,Takafumi, Ryuichi Tani, Taihei Kimura, Masayuki Kusumi, Hideyuki Tanaka, Ryo Shimizu, Rintaro Shimohama, Yusuke Sugomori


The exhibition title and thema is “Traveling Theory”.
People’s thoughts and ways are changed imperceptible, because due to circumstances, the passage of time, large accidents and major events, the development of science and technology,have effects. changes? Theory can revolutionise consciousness. On the other hand, theory that changes only ideas is a mere facade after submitting to institutionalisation.

The exhibition title I chose from literary researcher Edward Wadie Said’s Journal. The conditions that allow the reality of life and intellectual activity, It is to move the intention and theories from one location to another. Theory has created consciousness. However, on the grounds that was born from the area of consciousness, it is a mistake think about that theory is avodance of reality.

The theory is connected to perfection in the world in the reality and change, and those that produce consciousness as revolutionary intent. Theory bring revolutionary strong action, while saying so also, the power in the middle of the spread is weakened To gradually. So why spread to people “it is effective and persuasive”. And theory is fitted to type, there is likely to be institutionalized I will try our idea is not to mere facade, this exhibition will be held.