It Can’t Happen Here.

 It Can’t Happen Here.
《It Can’t Happen Here.》, 2013, mixt media

Title: It Can’t Happen Here.
Year: 2013
Size: variable
Material/medium: mixt media, installation
Venue: Chukyo University Art Gallery C Square, Aichi, Jpn
Curator: Reiichi Noguchi

Title: It Can’t Happen Here.
Year: 2013
Size: 可変
Material/medium: ミクストメディア, インスタレーション
Venue: 中京大学ギャラリーCスクエア, 愛知, 日本
Curator: 野口玲一
Brief outline: 工業用糸、石、国旗、ポスター等々から成るインスタレーション作品。「ある国で虐殺から生き延びた父がのがれた先の国でヘイトスピーチを浴びる娘」という実話を抽象的な単語に置き換えることで、国や時代を超えた普遍的な痛みや不安を描きだす。得体の知れない不安は言葉を紡ぐことによってその正体をあらわす。

Chukyo University Art Gallery C · Square presents 115th YumiSONG Exhibition.
Installation is real story of Father who survived the genocide of Jeju uprising and Artist of the daughter who had received hate speech in Tokyo is a source.
curated by Reiichi Noguchi, Guest talk by Satoshi Hashimoto.

Exhibition Dates

The 30th (Mon) – November 11 (Sat) 2013, ※ Closed: Sundays and public holidays

Exhibition Details

What and whom am I waiting for? I might forget it. “Waiting” would be last longer than myself. That kind of thought makes me feel nervous. Nervous as being on the unfamiliar road at the evening. I was seeing the people being killed through the opening of the closet. Not only people. Dogs and birds were also killed. A green airplane threw thousands of pieces of red paper. The sky, the wall and the ground were covered with red. After all these things have gone, I was waiting for something in silence. Seems like the world would end like this. But the world didn’t end and I, as a grown-up, became to teach how to use guns in the moon-less dark night, got sea sick on the fishing boat with my friend, fell in love with a girl and got a child with her.

Long time has passed after that and my daughter was threatened by a group of strangers. They shouted for her death. She stared at them without saying anything. She went back home and walked around the cat saying “Die”. The cat rolled over and fawns upon her. The only thing the cat knows is to believe her. We felt uneasy. I looked for the way to escape from this uneasiness for her. But there were no escape. I concluded that we should have the ideology when we can’t escape anywhere. I tried to tell her again and again, “Be proud”. Childish young girl couldn’t accept neither the ideology nor me. She escaped from me. She hated me and my ideology. Keeping to say “Be proud” was not for me, but for himself. Trying to give me the ideology with no escape was to believe that his darkness is not the darkness, and for us who can only live in there. Can’t we escape from this uneasiness?

No, it’s not. It’s not the uneasiness. This feeling is not the uneasiness. I tried to calm my mind down. This is not the uneasiness but the “pain”. You can avoid being heart if you guard yourself as hard as steel. I simply believed so, but I had a pain in myself. The history lies heavily on us anytime. The prejudice clearly sees through our mind. That’s why we wear such a hard, heavy and cold armor on our mind. Without being noticed, the armor guarded not the prejudice but the system. The ideology, which should be out of the army, grown by time and with no thought. The ideology invaded us. Thus, something was heart somewhere in myself. But I don’t know where the pain comes from. I shut my eyes tightly. I tried to search through inside my body. Where is the “pain”? I was looking for the words of the pain. Because you said someday, “You can talk to anybody, anything”. “Try looking for the words and you’ll find the words coming out connected like a string”. Try looking for the words. Try again even if the word stopped in a middle. It’s okay even if it might not be easy.
What am I looking for?